Health Care Degrees And The Nursing Salary

Nurses are responsible for caring for sick people by helping them to recover from illness and where possible helping people to prevent the onset of disease and illness. Nurses are also equipped to help families cope with family members who are incapacitated due to illness. As this is a very important career choice it is only natural that people may want to know what a nursing salary is.

It is reported that there are around two and a half million nurses in the health care industry. Within the nursing industry there is much scope for employees and many roles that need fulfilling. Many different types of nurses exist within the health care industry and there are a number of ways for the health care givers to obtain work.

Health care workers work closely with physicians in doctors rooms and in hospitals. Doctors will make the diagnosis and the decision on how to manage the situation and the nurses will administer medicine and health care to the patients. It is their job to nurse the patients back to health. Nurses must be able to build rapport with patients as they spend much more time with the patients than the doctors do. Patients need to be put at ease by the care givers and assisted in reaching full recovery from their illness, disease or injury.

Health care givers have three options when it comes to receiving education to become qualified nurses. A diploma from a hospital or accredited program is one option. Alternatively they can study for an associates degree or a bachelors degree. In recent times more people have gone the associates or bachelors degree than obtaining a diploma.

Before being able to practice these care givers have to pass the national licensure examination for registered nurses. Care givers are able to work in a variety of places besides just a hospital. Many of them work in corporate companies, emergency rooms, clinics, hospice, doctors rooms, government agencies and intensive care units. Some work at schools and day care centers as well. It is reported that more than half of these care givers do work at hospitals.

It is difficult to give an average nursing salary as they are not all equally qualified and experienced. Some of them will work for successful private doctors and may be paid quite well. By and large, average salaries are between forty three thousand and sixty three thousand dollars per year. It is reported that only the top ten percent of these care givers earn in excess of seventy five thousand dollars per annum. elderly home care montreal