Corporate Wellness Coach

A corporate wellness coach is a health and wellness professional who works within a corporation or organization to help employees with their personal and work life. They are able to offer services like individual coaching, group coaching, and nutrition workshops that are tailored to the needs of each employee. This type of coaching is becoming more popular as the cost of healthcare continues to rise and employers are seeking ways to reduce their insurance costs while also promoting a healthy work environment for their employees.

Many corporations have wellness programs in place for their employees, from onsite gyms to health risk assessments and nutritional education. While these are a great start, to truly create a culture of wellness in the workplace, an experienced corporate health and wellness coach is required. These professionals can provide the guidance, support and motivation employees need to make a lasting change.

Whether an employee is looking to lose weight, get out of pain, sleep better, improve their posture or just feel more focused, the power of someone to hold them accountable can make all the difference. Working in a corporate setting, this is often where the best results are seen as it helps to have a supportive system in place.

This position requires a unique set of skills that are not always found in other wellness coach roles. A corporate wellness coach must be able to provide research based programs that meet the needs of the individuals they are working with. This can include providing questionnaires, surveys, and risk assessment tests that are specific to the individual. A good coach will be able to use this information to design the most effective program for each person they are working with.

A corporate wellness coach will also have to be able to handle the administrative aspects of their job. This includes taking care of things like scheduling and delivering nutrition workshops, creating programs and materials for biometric health screenings and tracking employee progress through these assessments. It is important that the wellness coach has strong organizational and project management skills to be able to complete all of these tasks in a timely manner and on budget.

There are many benefits to becoming a corporate wellness coach, especially in today’s workplace where employee satisfaction and productivity is at an all time high. As obesity and related disease continue to rise across the country, more companies are embracing wellness programs and looking for experienced coaches to lead them in this new direction. If you are interested in this growing, profitable field, it is important to begin positioning yourself as an expert. This can be done by building your online presence, connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn, joining community and professional wellness groups and blogging about relevant topics in the industry. The more you build your brand, the greater opportunity you will have to find the right clients for your business. So get out there and start spreading the word!