Vintage Persian Rugs

Vintage Persian Rugs add a touch of elegance to any home. They are heirloom pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation and are highly prized by collectors. These antique rugs are cherished for their intricate designs, exotic colors, and fine quality of weave. These heirlooms are also valued for their ability to transport one into a distant land and time.

One of the things that makes a vintage persian rug unique is its color. Many antique persian rugs are made in rare color combinations and patterns. The rarity of these rugs is often the driving force behind their high price tag. The demand for a particular rug can increase even more if the weaver is a master weaver that is sought after. The more experienced and skilled the weaver is, the higher quality of the rug they produce.

Another thing that contributes to the price of a vintage persian rug is the workshop that it comes from. This is because the weavers at the workshop are more experienced and have a reputation for quality. A well known workshop may even have a name that is recognized worldwide. When you are shopping for a vintage persian rug try to stick with the most famous workshops as they will have a reputation for quality and you can be sure that the rug you are buying is authentic.

If you are trying to figure out if an antique rug is genuine or not try placing a damp cloth on the back of it. If the rug is made with vegetable dyes the color will seep into the cloth. Then you can be sure that it is a real handmade rug and not a machine woven or hand tufted rug.

When you are searching for an antique rug it is important to consider the size that you need. This will help you narrow down the rug options and find the perfect piece for your space. Use our filter to quickly and easily find a rug that fits your size requirements. You can also browse by style to make it easier to find the perfect rug for your space.

The next step in finding the right vintage persian rug is to decide on a style. There are many different styles of vintage persian rugs to choose from and they all work well with modern, rustic, and antique furniture. It is important to note that the style of rug you choose will also have an impact on the value of your rug.


These rugs are considered the most valuable of all the Persian rugs. They are the ones that are in the best condition and have the most artistic virtuosity and design fluidity. These are also the rugs that have the most color nuance and are most authentic. The best of these rugs are made in the major cities such as Tabriz, Kerman, Hamadan, and Heriz.

The level 2 high collectibles are rugs that are still in great shape but do not have the level of artistry that is found in the level 1 heirloom quality rugs. These rugs are a great choice for anyone who wants an antique rug that is not quite as valuable as the level 2 heirloom quality rugs but has a lot of character and beauty to it.