How to Build a YouTube Community

Building a YouTube community is essential to your channel’s long-term success. Community members act as a social army of promoters that share your content, engage with you on comment threads, and even help you come up with ideas for your next video. Moreover, community members serve as a valuable source of feedback that you can use to improve your content and make the right decisions for your YouTube business.

The best way to build a community is to make the most compelling, educational and amusing videos for your target audience that you can. To achieve this, be consistent with your uploading schedule and make high-quality content that is relevant to your topic.

Additionally, interacting with your community in the form of Community posts is a great way to keep your audience engaged outside of your video content. These types of posts can be text-based, have images or videos, and even include polls.

For example, if your audience is very interested in a specific topic, such as false eyelashes, you can create a Community post about it to spark interest and encourage discussion. You can also share a sneak peek of a new video or even a live stream and generate excitement by sharing your new content on Community posts before it’s uploaded.

Creating and posting a Community post is simple on desktop; all you need to do is press the “create” button (it looks like a little camera with a plus sign) and select “community post.” Then you can add your message and customize it using video, gifs, and/or polls. Lastly, you can even tag other channels in your post by including their name with an @ symbol. Retaining YouTube subscribers