Top Watch Repairs Near Me

When your watch breaks, you need to find a reliable repair shop to fix it. Watches are complex timepieces and should only be repaired by qualified professionals. Watch repair requirements can range from replacing a battery to a complete watch overhaul and you can trust the experts at NY WATCH LAB to evaluate your luxury timepiece and recommend the most appropriate service.

For vintage and modern watches alike, these top-rated locations offer high-quality work, friendly service, and competitive prices. These independent, full-service watch shops have years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to providing a superior customer experience.

Whether you need a quick battery replacement or a complete repair, these expert watchmakers can fix any brand of watch from any year. From small mom-and-pop shops to large authorized dealers, these specialists have the skills and tools necessary to repair your watch and leave it looking like new.

Many Yelpers laud this family-owned and operated store for its candid, direct service. Unlike bigger stores that take appointments, this place welcomes walk-ins and can often perform the repairs on the spot. Its owner, Mikhael, is described by reviewers as a “kind old man” who knows his stuff and works fast.

While this midtown store doesn’t have much room, it’s still a popular choice for watch enthusiasts because of its speed and affordability. Most reviews rave about how quickly they can resize watch straps and replace batteries, both of which typically cost $7 or less.

Unlike other repair shops, which are sometimes a black box for customers, the Managing Director of the Watchmaking Project sends photos to his clients of their watch parts with highlighted notes explaining what needs to be fixed or replaced. This personalized attention has kept clients coming back. One client, Gregory Wirtz of RedBar Group, brought in a 1980s Rolex Date Date with a cracked calendar wheel. Ly ultimately laser-welded the broken piece together, and the watch is now “technically stronger than ever.” Watch repairs near me