Watch Repairs Near Me

Watches can be incredibly intricate, making them an ideal target for a range of problems. Whether you’re in the market for a simple battery replacement or a full-scale overhaul, you want to make sure you’re trusting your watch to an expert. But finding a trustworthy repairman can be difficult, especially in cities where the population is so dense that many watchmakers have left the industry altogether.

Most practising professional watchmakers service only current or recent production watches and have completed a formal watchmaking degree at a technical school. Often, these watchmakers are also ‘certified’ or ‘trained’ by the brand of watch they work on. In contrast, some factory-style service centers employ highly skilled workers who are not watchmakers but have been specifically trained ‘in-house’ to service a limited number of components in an assembly line fashion (e.g., one type of worker will dismantle the watch movement from its case, another will polish the case and bracelet, etc.).

The good news is, there are still a handful of excellent watch repair shops around. These places can fix just about anything, from a broken bracelet link to an overheated movement. We’ve rounded up the best of them in a few cities.

Located between tracks 38 and 39 in Grand Central Terminal, this shop has been servicing timepieces since 1952. Ben Clymer, founder of watch-news site Hodinkee, first visited 15 years ago and remembers taking a 1950s Heuer Camaro that was “in really rough shape, and hadn’t run in probably over 30 years.” Grand Central prescribed a complete overhaul for $500 — a fraction of the $1,500 quote he received from Omega.

Despite its unassuming exterior, this tiny Midtown shop is a gem when it comes to watch repairs. Yelp reviewers say the owners are candid and direct, offering quick, affordable service and a friendly receptionist who will check your watch in while you wait. Often, this mom-and-pop spot can handle simple issues, such as resizing or replacing a battery, on the same day you drop it off. Watch repairs near me